The first day of the Bollywood film "Tiger 3" brought in an impressive Rs 44.5 crore, and the second day brought in Rs 59 crore.

But by the sixth day, the movie's allure appears to be waning as its total earnings were barely Rs 188.91 crore

The lead actor, Salman Khan, conveyed his appreciation for the unforeseen triumph of the "Tiger" franchise, which encompasses "Tiger 3."

Salman says he is grateful for the audience's support even though the film's appeal is waning,

calling the franchise a legacy brand and one of his favorites.

The movie, which debuted on Diwali, also stars Emraan Hashmi and Katrina Kaif.

"Tiger 3," Salman Khan's latest blockbuster that debuted on November 13, is expected to earn more than Rs 400 crore globally. Salman with his niece in tow