"Main Atal Hoon" Review: Pankaj Tripathi excels as Atal Bihari Vajpayee, but the film

falls short. Director Ravi Jadhav's simplistic tribute lacks depth, missing the

opportunity to explore Vajpayee's multifaceted character. The film, focused on the rise

of the Hindu Right, arrives strategically before the Ram Mandir inauguration and Lok

Sabha elections. Despite Tripathi's captivating performance, the biography could have

delved deeper into Atal's transformation from a schoolboy with stage fright to a skilled orator.

The one-sided account of India's formative years and the overshadowing of key

political figures within the party make the film biased and unfulfilling. Pankaj Tripathi's

portrayal remains a highlight, but the film, at two and a half hours, may not justify a complete viewing.