Nayanthara apologizes for any unintended offense in her film 'Annapoorani' after it was

briefly available on Netflix and faced removal due to allegations of offending Hindu sentiments

In her statement, she expresses regret for any hurt caused, clarifies the film's positive intentions, and apologizes to those affected.

The controversy arose over certain scenes in the movie, particularly a dialogue

suggesting Ram was a “meat-eater.” An FIR was filed, alleging insult to Lord Ram,

leading the film's producer, Zee Studios, to apologize and agree to edit out contentious parts before further streaming.

Nayanthara, a believer in God who frequently visits temples, emphasizes the film's aim

to uplift and inspire. Despite her apology, some netizens express dissatisfaction,

questioning the need for it and defending the film's content as reflective of cultural stories.