Global Outage: Meta’s Instagram and Facebook Platforms Hit by Widespread Login Issues”

Global customers are having trouble logging in to Meta’s Instagram and Facebook due to major outages. On the outage tracking website, hundreds of thousands of customers have reported the disruption, which started at 10 am Eastern US time.

The website states that over 300,000 reports of Facebook outages and about 40,000 reports of Instagram outages have been made. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Threads are among the Meta platforms that are experiencing login session problems in a number of different countries, according to confirmation from Netblocks, a London-based internet monitoring company.

But there’s no sign of any disruptions to the internet at the national level or of the usual government censorship. Andy Stone, a spokesman for Meta, confirmed the issue and said, “We’re aware that certain customers are experiencing difficulties using our services. We are currently addressing this.”

Furthermore, problems with the WhatsApp Business application programming interface are also visible on Meta’s status dashboard. There have been about 200 reports of WhatsApp outages to Downdetector.

X (previously Twitter) is currently experiencing a major hot issue due to the outage. Numerous users have reported abruptly being logged out of social media networks controlled by Meta.

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