Brian Lara Questions the Feasibility of Virat Kohli Surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s Century Record

Brian Lara

Legendary West Indian cricketer Brian Lara feels Virat Kohli can’t possibly beat Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 100 international centuries. While Kohli’s 50th century in ODI cricket was a significant accomplishment, breaking Tendulkar’s previous record of 49 centuries in this format, Lara contends that Kohli still needs to reach the 100-century milestone. Was. There will be obstacles to overcome.

Lara gave a convincing defense of his viewpoint by bringing up the doubts about Kohli’s future in white-ball cricket. There are rumors that Kohli might give up playing in the One-Day International format and that his Twenty20 career might end after the 2024 T20 World Cup. In light of these conditions, Kohli must make the most of his 21 remaining centuries in Test matches a challenging undertaking considering Kohli’s advanced age, according to Lara.

Brian Lara

Kohli, who is 35 years old, has already scored 80 centuries, but he still needs 20. It will require him to reach Tendulkar’s level after four more years, even if he were to score five centuries annually. Up until then, Kohli will be 39. It’s a hard job, an extremely hard job “Hard job,” Lara said in a conversation with Anandabazar Patrika.

Lara stressed that people who think that Kohli will surpass Tendulkar’s record are most likely not taking cricket logic into account. Achieving 20 centuries is an incredible accomplishment that many cricket players have struggled to accomplish during their career. Lara acknowledged the difficulties, but she held off on making any audacious assumptions about Kohli’s chances of doing this goal.

Brian Lara

Age is not patient. Even though Kohli will surely break a lot of records, reaching 100 centuries seems to be the most difficult, according to Lara.

Even though Lara wasn’t sure if Kohli would be able to surpass Tendulkar’s record, he still showed respect for the Indian cricket player. While acknowledging that only Kohli has the potential to accomplish this feat, Lara commended Kohli for his self-control, commitment, and game preparation.

“The only player who can even come close is Kohli. I greatly admire his self-control and commitment. It’s difficult not to be a fan of him given how totally committed he gets to his match preparation. I wish him and myself all the very best. “Very happy if he can score 100 centuries like Tendulkar,” Lara said in closing. As I’ve already stated, I adore Kohli, and Sachin was a close friend.”

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